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Duncan Hunter spent more than $60,000 from his campaign on personal enrichment, including flying his bunny rabbit across the country. Will you help Duncan Thumper tell his story? Your donation today will make sure that the world hears Duncan Thumper's perspective on each and every questionable expense.

$50 - Cover Duncan Thumper's rabbit pellet costs for a week

$100 - Cover vaccinations for Duncan Thumper's travels

$250 - Buy Duncan Thumper a new hutch. His dad had to sell the old one to cover "unexpected" expenses. 

$600 - Help Duncan Thumper reimburse his dad for his flight

$1000 - Make sure Duncan Thumper has all the italian carrots he could hope for

$2500 - Cover the costs of a week at the Bunny Spa to reduce Duncan Thumper's stress

$5000 - Buy Duncan Thumper a toy chest to keep him entertained while his dad is in jail

Donate $100 or more and we'll send you an official Bunny PAC lapel pin!

If you'd like to send a check, please contact us for the address and payment information.